47 Ronin


This Gi is inspired by the real life story of the famed 47 Ronin. Their true story is a demonstration of honor, patience, and loyalty.

In 1701, Lord Asano, confronted Lord Kira in Edo Castle and drew his sword. Because it was forbidden to use a sword inside the castle, Lord Asano was sentenced to death, and committed ceremonial suicide (seppuku). Asano’s loyal retainers became ronin (samurai without a leader), but vowed to avenge their lord’s death. On December 14, 1702, they attacked Lord Kira in his mansion and whacked off his head. The 47 ronin took Kira’s head to the Sengakuji temple, where Lord Asano is buried. Later the ronin also committed seppuku and are buried together in the same temple. Each limited edition gi comes with a certificate and the name of one of the 47. Only 47 will ever be made.

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Black stitching on the jacket and pants give the added attention to detail. The inside is an original piece of art. There are 47 Ronin logos on the upper arms and one on the pants. The bright colors of the rashguard material inner jacket really pop!